Grace Eline

Proton Patient of The Laurie Proton Therapy Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Brunswick

“I was able to do all of the fun childhood activities, without being constantly reminded of my cancer. Once I was finished, I felt completely fine, and was able to have very few side effects, that don’t bother me in my day-to-day life.”

Grace’s journey with proton therapy, shared closely with her mother Aubrey, is a touching testament to courage and the impact of advanced medical care in pediatric cancer treatment. Diagnosed with cancer at a young age, Grace’s treatment choice, guided by her mother, led them to proton therapy, known for its precision and importance in protecting developing tissues in young patients.

Choosing proton therapy meant focusing on effectively targeting Grace’s cancer while minimizing the long-term side effects that are a concern with traditional treatments. This approach provided Aubrey with comfort, knowing they were not only fighting cancer but also safeguarding Grace’s future.

The Laurie Proton Therapy Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital became a haven of support and care. The medical team’s expertise in pediatric oncology and their compassionate approach made the treatments more bearable, ensuring Grace felt safe and Aubrey supported.

“They became family from day one. They were genuinely caring for all of us. They were genuinely concerned and thoughtful from the moment we met them. They explained everything, were constantly and consistently considerate and treated us as if we were members of their family. That helped put us at ease during an extremely scary and stressful time as we were dealing with the brain cancer in our child.” – Aubrey

Throughout her treatment, Grace continued to enjoy her favorite activities, her resilience bolstered by her mother’s constant encouragement. This sense of normalcy was vital for maintaining her well-being.

For Aubrey, seeing the positive effects of proton therapy on Grace was transformative. The treatment’s focus on long-term quality of life gave them hope for a brighter future. Grace and Aubrey’s journey is not just their own but serves as a beacon of hope and highlights the significance of specialized pediatric cancer care.

In addition to her treatment journey, Grace Eline’s experience has blossomed into a broader mission of advocacy and support for others facing similar challenges. Inspired by her own battle with cancer, Grace, along with her family, founded the “With Grace” Foundation. This initiative reflects her resilience and determination to make a positive impact beyond her personal story.

The “With Grace” Foundation focuses on raising awareness about pediatric cancer and the benefits of proton therapy, providing support and resources to families navigating the complexities of cancer treatment. Grace’s advocacy work, supported by her mother Aubrey, involves engaging with medical communities, participating in events, and sharing her story to inspire and educate others. Through the foundation, Grace has become a symbol of hope and a voice for pediatric cancer patients, emphasizing the importance of access to advanced treatments like proton therapy and the need for comprehensive care that addresses the unique challenges faced by young patients. Her work is a shining example of how personal experiences can fuel meaningful change and support for others in similar situations.

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