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What is the Proton Therapy Law Coalition?

The Proton Therapy Law Coalition is a coalition devoted to bringing together proton therapy providers, patient advocacy groups and skilled ERISA and Insurance Bad Faith litigation attorneys to collaborate on how to bring about nationwide pressure on insurance companies. The approach of the Coalition is holistic seeking to coordinate and maximize the collective skills of participating providers, advocates and attorneys during the claims and appeals process, in courtrooms and in state legislative chambers.

What Does the Coalition Do?

1. Work with interested proton therapy providers to affirmatively assist in issues that arise with insurance during the claims and appeals process.

2. Work with interested providers in crafting coverage recommendations to major US employers with self-funded health plans to persuade them to cover proton therapy.

3. Work with interested current and former patients who would like to enforce their legal rights in the claims/appeals process or in the courtroom where appropriate.

4. Work toward the ultimate goal of getting model proton therapy access legislation in the hands of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

5. Work with advocacy groups across the country to create real changes in insurance coverage.

6. Work to elevate proton therapy access issues and improper delays/denials in the media by looking for opportunities to amplify each member’s unique voice.

We cannot wait any longer. It is time to MAKE the insurance companies change their practices.