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The Clinical Benefits of Proton Therapy

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Source: Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center

  • Proton Therapy delivers less radiation to healthy tissues and organs resulting in fewer, less severe short and long-term side effects than standard radiation therapy.
  • Due to fewer complications and side effects, physicians can potentially deliver higher curative doses of radiation to cancerous tumors.
  • More than 900 peer reviewed articles have demonstrated that patients benefit when treated with proton therapy.
  • Chances of developing a secondary cancer in later life due to radiation treatment are significantly reduced.

Source: MD Anderson Proton Pals Patient Support Group

Clinical literatures references available upon request. Please contact

  • Proton Therapy is highly indicated for radiation treatment of pediatric cancers due to the high risk of children to develop secondary cancers from their initial treatment later in life.
  • Studies have consistently demonstrated that proton therapy patients experience a higher quality of life during and after treatment.
  • The only radiation treatment available that can treat recurrent tumors that have previously been treated with radiation.
  • Treatments are non-invasive and painless and typically take 15-45 minutes per treatment.