Cancer Rises to the Top of the Charts as the Wall Street Journal Targets Advantage of Proton-Beam Therapy for Cancer Treatment

The Wall Street Journal gave high praise to "Proton-Beam Therapy for Cancer" (Feb. 1, 2005) in its Personal Health section saying . . . "some regard it as a well-kept secret in the war on cancer: proton-beam therapy, a type of radiation that can precisely target tumors while sparing surrounding tissue and causing far fewer side effects than traditional radiation.  This, within days of Jane Brody's highly respected Personal Health column in the N.Y. Times calling attention to "an amazing statistic that has emerged that seems to have gotten somewhat lost in the news: heart disease is no longer the leading killer of Americans under the age of 85.  Cancer is." In fact, the American Cancer Society announced in its annual statistical report for the year that cancer deaths has now surpassed heart disease in people under 85. An age group that accounts for 98.4 percent of the American population. Cancer is the leading cause of death among women 40 through 79 and among men 60 through 79. When it comes to cancer treatment, the WSJ article says proton therapy is showing promise against a variety of cancers, but its only available at a few centers in the U.S., "but with more on the way, you may start seeing ads touting its benefits."

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