UPenn makes it official: The 220-ton Cyclotron has arrived.

UPenn makes it official: The 220-ton Cyclotron has arrived. After a 3,700 mile trans-Atlantic journey, the most important piece of equipment used in proton therapy is now in place at the Roberts Proton Therapy Center at the University of Pennsylvania Health System in downtown Philadelphia. The $144 million proton center will become the sixth operating proton facility in the U.S. when it opens its doors in the summer of 2009. By being located on the campus of a world-class academic medical center, proton patients will have access to fully integrated care as part of an on-site cancer center. The Roberts Proton Center is projected to treat about 3,000 patients a year, including several hundred children. PENN Medicine has partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania to conduct pediatric research and treat children with cancer. Dr. Stephen Hahn, head of radiation oncology, said: “For some patients, proton therapy is probably the best option, regardless of the cost. If less expensive treatments are just as good, we will use them. But if it reduces side effects or cures a patient, we should use proton therapy.” Penn’s facility will contain five treatment rooms, four gantries and one fixed beam room. It will be the first of its kind in the mid-Atlantic region. (February, 08).

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