Proton Therapy Study for Stage 1 Lung Cancer Show Good Results

Researchers from Loma Linda's Proton Center reported that proton beam radiation therapy produced a 3-year local control rate of 74% and a disease-specific survival rate of 72% in patients with stage 1 lung cancer. The new study was reported in the October, 2004 medical journal Chest. The current study of 68 patients with stage 1 lung cancer were treated with proton therapy alone. They were treated with 10 fractions of proton radiation over a two-week period. With a median follow-up of 30 months, Loma Linda researchers reported three-year local control and disease-specific survival rates of 74% and 72% respectively. These are good results for patients with stage 1 lung cancer who are medically unfit for surgery and treated with radiation therapy alone.



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