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Loma Linda Honors Proton Pioneer by Re-Naming Proton Facility

June, 2007 (NAPT release) …The Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Proton Treatment Center has been re-named to honor Dr. James Slater, the prominent physician-scientist who founded the proton facility some 17 years ago as the world’s first clinically-based proton center. The medical center’s board announced that the facility will now be officially known as the James Slater Proton Treatment Center. More than 12,000 patients have been successfully treated since 1990.  

Dr. Slater said: “I didn’t like seeing the side effects patients received from x-rays. I knew there were better things out there. But only in physics laboratories. I went with protons because they were highly controllable and I knew that protons would not be harsh for the patients like all these other heavier particles are. So it became my first choice.”

Loma Linda began treating patients in October, 1990, as the world’s first clinically-based proton facility. There are now 5 operating proton centers in the U.S., and 5 more in development.

Meanwhile, Dr. Slater and other physicians at Loma Linda continue researching new and better ways of treating cancer with protons and expect to begin treating more breast cancer patients by the end of 2007.  


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