New AMA Study Says Radiation May Improve Survival Odds If Prostate Cancer Reappears  (July, 08)

A new study published in the American Medical Association Journal says that radiation treatment, such as proton beam radiation, can prolong a man's life if cancer has recurred after a radical prostatectomy. The study involved 635 men whose PSA levels indicated that cancerous cells had returned. These men were treated with radiation (plus hormone therapy), or, in some cases, given no further treatment. Results showed that the risk of death was decreased by more than 60 percent with those who were given radiation treatment, alone or in combination. Who may be affected? Men who have had prostate surgery that removed the entire prostate and nearby cancerous tissue. Some studies have found that cancer returns in up to 40 percent of men who undergo this surgery. The AMA study notes that early detection improves survival rates.     

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